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What Should Be Done With Bamboo MATS At The End Of The Season?

- May 25, 2018 -

Bamboo mat industry in China has a relatively perfect foundation conditions, good social and economic environment, broad market space, perfect industrial supporting system, countries have always attaches importance to the development of the field, the guidance and the encouragement policy has been issued, for the power industry development policy.

When the weather turns cold in autumn, bamboo MATS can be put away as follows:

1. First, wipe the sweat stain on the bamboo mat with warm water towel several times;

2. Wipe the front and back of the bamboo mat several times with 3-5% light salt water, which can not only kill some insects and bacteria, but also keep the mat moist and prevent dry cracks.

3. It is better to be dry when the weather is dry and hot, avoid explosion and sun, and prevent the bamboo wire from becoming brittle and easy to break.

4. Before packaging, use cotton cloth to touch prickly heat powder or wind-oil essence to wipe the mat. After wrapping, wrap the inner layer with some newspapers (water can be absorbed).

5. When placed, be careful not to press hard, and maintain a certain amount of ventilation, avoid moisture.

6. Don't fold it up, fix it with a newspaper, and then roll it up for collection. As grass products and bamboo products, the service life of straw mat and bamboo pad is only two summers at most. It can be washed with water. After washing, place the bamboo mat in the sun to dry or air dry.

The development status of bamboo mat bamboo mat: because of high social and economic benefits of bamboo products, bamboo is widely considered to be one of the most important non-wood forest resources, bamboo products are widely used in housing construction, furniture, packaging, transportation and other fields, and also made of bamboo mat bamboo as raw material is also very popular, so today, people will choose to buy mat bamboo mat.

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