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When You Buying Chopsticks You Should Pay Attention These Problems

- Jan 11, 2018 -

Do not besmear CaiQi chopsticks of choose and buy, because the coating of heavy metal lead and organic solvent such as benzene substances have carcinogenicity, will fall off with use of wear and tear, and the well with the food enters the human body.

Plastic chopsticks texture is crisp, easy to deformation after heated. Melt, thus produce harmful substances.

Bone chopsticks simple sense is good, but easy to change color, and and the price is more expensive.

Silver, stainless steel and other metal chopsticks is too heavy, feel bad, and the thermal conductivity is strong, eating hot food is easy to burn the mouth.

Chopstick nonpoisonous and harmless, environmental protection very much, because most people can't judge whether the paint health, suggested that as far as possible choose grey paint chopsticks. Chopsticks try to choose high density texture meticulous. But due to the material, the chopstick, the chopstick is not easy to clean, can be disease of microbial contamination, often should be disinfected.

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