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Why Are Bamboo Fiber Products Shrunk So Badly?

- Apr 28, 2018 -

In daily life we often use the bamboo fiber products, believe that the advantages and disadvantages of bamboo fiber products you are very understand, but in the face of the bamboo fiber products to shrink, believe that everyone is upset, bamboo fiber products why would shrink so serious?

The problem of bamboo fiber products is not only the shrinkage problem of clothing, but also the problem of every businessman and consumer. However, there is no 100% effective solution. Usually, the manufacturer USES bamboo cotton blend to control the shrinkage rate when weaving bamboo fiber fabric.

The reason is not complicated, bamboo fiber fabrics of clothing or other products shrinkage of the root is bamboo fiber fabric water absorption performance. Bamboo fiber cross section was full of oval, big and small pore, because of the special structure can make bamboo fiber fabrics absorb a lot of water in an instant, at the same time with the expansion of the volume of the natural bamboo fiber and the dry because the contraction of the characteristics of the fiber and the water shrinkage occur make bamboo fiber fabric products. Of course, the advantages of bamboo fiber products are very obvious, the antibacterial and anti-odor is the most prominent, and their smooth tactility is the biggest factor for consumers to recognize.

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