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Why Is Bamboo Furniture Low Carbon Environmental Protection?

- May 12, 2018 -

Low-carbon has become a topic of common concern in all walks of life. Low carbon, environmental protection, energy saving become the common keyword of furniture enterprise, and bamboo furniture is catered to low carbon time trend, also will lead furniture industry transformation and upgrade.

The "bamboo furniture and bamboo application" theme exhibition, which was held for the first time in the 23rd annual furniture fair, was a great success, with an order and technology transfer amount of nearly 100 million yuan. In order to better promote the application of bamboo in household products, dongguan international furniture design and research institute has set up "bamboo application research and development center".

Associate professor, master tutor, Chinese academy of agricultural sciences et al that low-carbon life is a topic both old and new, ancient people and the nature harmonious communion is a kind of low carbon life, actually problems caused by the excessive expansion of modern industrial civilization, and people began to attention to low carbon.

I. what is "low-carbon"

The "low-carbon" theme of the Copenhagen summit, the completion of "Shanghai expo zero carbon pavilion", "low-carbon" has become the focus of attention. Lowcarbon, lowcarbon, means lower, lower greenhouse gas carbon dioxide emissions. To spread the idea of low-carbonlife to the world, "low carbon" is about your health.

Ii. What is "low-carbon furniture"

Green and low carbon furniture means natural, energy saving, no harmful substances, no harmful gas, easy to recycle and reuse. The core concept of low-carbon furniture is energy conservation, emission reduction, health and environmental protection, emphasizing people oriented, respecting life and health, and building a harmonious society.

Iii. "low-carbon furniture" standard.

"Low carbon furniture" the material that USES first is environmental protection, had better be natural environmental protection material. Wood, cane, bamboo is the most natural environmental protection material, but the current human cut down for wood, caused damage to the ecological environment, especially for precious wood, such as chrysanthemum pear, rosewood and other species, more and more scarce. The furniture made of these materials is expensive, but human beings should protect it and cherish its existence. Rattan wood and bamboo are the best natural materials, especially rattan wood, recommended by the United Nations environmental protection organization as green living room materials.

2. Low carbon production process.

"Low carbon furniture" in the production process should be energy saving, emission reduction, reduce harmful gas emissions, do not contain harmful substances. Especially the content of formaldehyde, cannot exceed standard. Some inferior synthetic density board, formaldehyde content is too high, the furniture that this material produces, increase the discharge of harmful gas, cause great harm to environment and human health. At the same time, it is very important for furniture to improve the technical standard, save energy and reduce carbon dioxide emission in the process of large-scale production.

The material of some attribute can use artifical knitting method, produce the furniture that has artistic sex, at the same time without pollution, this is very suitable the low carbon requirement of production craft.

3. Suitable for low carbon use of human living environment.

1) environmental protection

Furniture to get along with people day and night, especially in a closed family environment, many new homes after decorating, thick smell, formaldehyde, carbon dioxide gas is high, will cause great damage to human body health. Furniture is more closely with the person sit, embrace, if furniture contains harmful substance, discharge the harmful gas much, the harm to human body will be direct. Especially pregnant women, for the healthy growth of future generations, should use green.

2) energy saving

The use of furniture should save energy, as the global climate is warming, modern city life, summer rely on air conditioning. In fact, air conditioning not only wastes energy, but also easily leads to the reduction of human immunity. Sitting leather furniture, cloth art furniture is comfortable, but permeability is poor, especially in the summer, the use of leather furniture, cloth art furniture, get more chance to open air conditioning, not only energy saving in the use, and improve the living expenses.

Therefore, one of the low carbon functions of furniture will be the use of low carbon.

Why is bamboo furniture more low-carbon?

A short film about bamboo, "bamboo: ten facts about the material of the wise," premiered at the India pavilion at the Shanghai world expo on July 14, and held a discussion on the topic. The expert thinks, policymakers should try to formulate preferential policies to promote sustainable product design and technical development of the bamboo, bamboo rattan this green building materials in more ordinary city people.

Small bamboo rattan, market energy is huge. According to the information provided by the international bamboo and rattan organization, there are about 1,200 kinds of bamboo and 600 kinds of rattan in the world, which are closely related to the life of 2.5 billion people in the world. In China, 35 million people are related to the bamboo industry and products. At present, the global trade volume of bamboo cane has reached us $5 billion a year, which provides many small and medium enterprises with important income source.

But with the progress of science and technology, with bamboo as raw material to produce various products gradually upgrade, bamboo in today have a wide range of USES, develop the function of the comprehensive utilization of bamboo, utility in extending continuously, gradually expand the bamboo products involved in the field.

To the rational use of bamboo, make full use of the characteristics of bamboo, the bamboo furniture is full of color and style of change, has to be done before the production of bamboo interception, deoiling, polish, bleaching, dyeing, correction, or artificial markings, such as: these are referred to as bamboo processing.

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