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You Do Not Understand The Meaning Of Bamboo

- Jul 14, 2017 -

Bamboo represents modesty and peace.

Chinese tradition, bamboo symbolizes the life of the stretch, longevity, happiness and spiritual truth, and in Japan, bamboo is a sign of truth and dedication. The whole of the East has used bamboo as a writing tool, and for the Buddhist and Taoist writers and artists, the straight lines and the hollow structure of the bamboo itself have an extremely profound symbolic meaning. South American indigenous tribes with bamboo when the ax, cut other items, but also with bamboo to create a gun and play the music of the instrument. Some tall bamboo is very popular with people, is regarded as the tree of life. In China, bamboo is one of the three major auspicious plants in winter (the other two are pine and plum), for the scholars literati great significance.

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